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From fine-dining in France to camping through Peru, I'm out there, forming my own opinions & forging my own paths. I travel full-time, working remotely from all over the globe.


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Testing local hikes for our Sedona TripGuide. 

Testing local hikes for our Sedona TripGuide. 

My Trip Design Process

There's a lot of love in these little TripGuides. 
Every one of them takes months to develop, and in many cases, months of living or working in that particular destination. It's a difficult task deciding which great experiences make it into your TripGuide. On the ground marking up maps, tapping into our vast network of international friends & guides, exploring routes, befriending locals, taking wrong turns, stumbling on amazing places, building great days & throwing them away because they were too sedentary, or too ambitious, or didn't have the right "flow".  After all, I'm not just listing great recommendations. I'm weaving great recommendations together to make an amazing days from start to finish. To do that, I think about balancing outdoor activity with cultural experiences, extravagant meals with incredible no-frills eats,  and engaging history with modern marvels, to make sure travelers we're handing you a well-rounded experience.

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