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Custom Trip Design

by Ali Murphy

Founder, Revely


Get a custom, immersive, active and locally-driven itinerary that’s ready to go whenever you are. 

  • Book on your own, directly from your online resource. 
  • Navigate maps & routes made just for you. 
  • Get step-by-step daily itineraries in line with your style & speed. 

Adventure Delivered Two Ways

 Your TripGuide will be sent to you as a interactive PDF that can be navigated online & as a document you can print at home.  



Meet Your Trip Designer

"My happy place is a new place. Hopping out of a bed in a foreign city, throwing my curtains open, and thinking 'now what?'. That's when I feel the most content. Fortunately for me, I'm in this situation a lot. As a Trip Leader & Trip Development Expert for the world's top active travel company, I spent years like this. Living out of a suitcase, finding routes, discovering vendors, scouting top-tier restaurants and leading travelers through foreign places. I've honed a knack for creating trips that tell stories from start to finish, for engaging local characters that have come to be close friends, and for helping fellow travelers connect to new places in their own unique ways. I started Revely to put ready-to-roll itineraries into anyone's back pocket, to celebrate the goofy as much as the renowned, to bring the art of trip design to the forefront, and to help our community of adventurers give and share experiences."


Locally Driven

From the iconic must-sees to the hidden gems, your TripGuide is a treasure map to the best of the best in authentic & unique local experiences.


Awesomely Active

Whether hiking in the mountains or strolling through the a park, we bring the outside in to every day with neat routes and excursions.



History, culture, adventure, arts, and incredible dining experiences (from worthwhile splurges to no-frills eats) are woven together to make one distinct day after another. 


Perfectly Paced

Our carefully crafted logistics help you see as much as possible without feeling rushed, and show you many sides of your destination.

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Let's Get You Going

Know exactly what you're looking for? Great! The more detail the better. Still deciding on destinations? No worries, I'm here to help.  Give me the scoop and I'll follow up shortly to bring this trip to life.

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"When Revely says they want to build you a dream trip that fits YOUR style, speed and budget they really mean it. We had a custom trip built for us to Morocco and it was amazing! We knew roughly where we wanted to go but had no sense of how to make the itinerary. Ali spent a lot of time figuring out who we are, what we enjoy and how we like to travel and then put together a once in a lifetime experience. From a perfect flow of travel and locations, to GREAT hotels on a variety of budgets (we stayed in unforgettable luxury and some budget saving but impeccable clean and very cute inns), to amazing recommendations and tucked away gems, we had a vacation that felt like visiting a good friend in another city who knows all the best places to go. Would recommend to anyone, with any size budget, and any location in a heartbeat!!"

- Rebecca S., 5/17

"Our Revely Trip throughout SE Asia could not have been better. We picked Revely because it is more than just booking a trip, Revely develops, plans and molds your trip. We didn't want to book a pre-packaged/pre-planned trip; we wanted something tailored specifically for us and our travel styles and wants. And Revely gave us exactly that. Ali, at Revely, really took the time to learn about what we wanted and developed a trip that we could only dream of. She recommended a special restaurant on our last night that was one of the best meals/experiences of our lives. It perfectly ended our honeymoon. Revely really carefully thought out every detail of the trip so we would have the best experience. I highly recommend Revely and we will definitely be using Ali to plan our 1 year Anniversary."

-Martin P., 5/17



Do you plan flights to/from my destination? Since flights are finicky & prices fluctuate daily, we leave deciding the best way to get there and back up to you. We focus on configuring the best logistics once you're there.

How does booking myself work? Certain recommendations (like hotels, excursions, tours, and restaurant reservations) should be booked in advance. We make it super easy for you. For each destination we list all things you should book in advance. Click the "book it" button and it will link you to book online in a separate window on a booking site, or directly with the vendor.