Custom Trip Design F.A.Q.

Do you plan flights to/from my destination? Since flights are finicky & prices fluctuate daily, we leave deciding the best way to get there and back up to you. We focus on configuring the best logistics once you're there.

How does booking myself work? Certain recommendations (like hotels, excursions, tours, and restaurant reservations) should be booked in advance. We make it super easy for you. For each destination we list all things you should book in advance. Click the "book it" button and it will link you to book online in a separate window on a booking site, or directly with the vendor.

Why doesn't Revely book for me? There are a few reasons we don't manage your bookings. For one, it gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom to manage your trip yourself (and use your TripGuide whenever you like). It also helps you manage your budget by deciding what recommendations are most important to you (instead of just paying for a package).  And most importantly, by entrusting you to book yourself, we can focus on the part you really need an expert's help on: deciding what to book. 

What if your suggestions are sold-out or unavailable when I go to book? Every recommendation in your TripGuide is, to the best of our knowledge, available at the time we deliver it. It's ultimately your responsibility to book in a timely manner to secure all our of recommendations. Which brings us to...

Is it too soon/too late to loop you in on my trip? Probably not. We've built bucket list trips as inspiration for people who may not go for a year or two. We've built last minute trips for spontaneous couples leaving next month. Ideally, 3 months to 14 months before your trip is perfect, but we're up for any challenge.

How personalized is my trip? It's as personalized as you want it to be. Ultimately, the more you details you give us the more specific and oh-so-you the trip can be. Some people really give us the scoop. Other people prefer us to take it and run with it. Either way, we'll work with what you give us and spin it into something special and useful for your particular needs.

What if I'd like changes made to TripGuide I receive?   Your trip designer will revise it once for you at no extra cost within two weeks of delivery. If changes are significant (added days, different destination) an hourly rate will apply.

Where do your recommendations and suggestions come from?  All of our recommendations come from our network of fellow travelers, our personal experience, our professional experience guiding and developing top-selling itineraries, and good ol' fashioned research via the industry's best resources. Your Trip Designer is not only an avid traveler but an experienced Trip Development professional (meaning they're not newbies on this whole creating an experience from scratch thing). 

Have you been everywhere personally? Man, we wish (and by golly we're working on it). But, no, of course we haven't been everywhere. It's our extensive experience researching, planning, and honing a unique trip development style that make us tack-sharp dream weavers in any destination. If for any reason we feel we can't do your trip justice, we'll let you know.

I'm a paper person. Can I print myTrip Guide? Yes! Your TripGuide is meant to be printed at home and taken on the go. 

Something else?  Drop us a line at