Ali Murphy, Trip Designer

"Paris is tough. It's the city of love-- for sure. But it's hard to be all lovely-dovey while sprinting up the notoriously steep Abbess metro to get to Sacre Coeur in time for sunset. It's hard to appreciate the slow pace while waiting hangrily in line at Frenchie or Au Comptoir or a million other "must eat" restos . And it's hard to not to feel a little lame when in a sea of cafes, you can't seem to find a single one that isn't filled with other anglophones talking loudly over guidebooks. I love this trip because it streamlines the logistics of visiting one of the world's most jam-packed cities to make it all, well, make sense. 

I lived in Paris for over a year and became a master of the "Ah! Paris in a Day?!" whirlwind tour for loved ones who grossly underestimated how many places they'd want to see (and macaroons they'd want to stop and eat). This trip celebrates the iconic (yes, dumb dumb, you do need to go to the Eiffel Tower) without sacrificing local experiences (yes, the meal you have in a neighborhood resto will probably be your favorite meal). It's Paris in a perfectly-paced nutshell. And although I've lived there, guided there, and had innumerable trips there, I would do this exact trip. Because this is a celebration of Paris from all angles. "

-Ali Murphy, Trip Designer